Special purpose machines / Other processes

Semi-automatic compression stockings packaging machine

Equipment description:

- Semi-automatic compression stockings packaging machine
- Progressive multireference management
- Cycle time : from 5s to 6s

Implimented technologies:

  • Machine basis : conveyor line 
  • Brushless motorisations
  • Vision
  • Vacuum technique
  • Color printer Quickstep Astromed
  • Identification printer + pool-off
  • Film wrapping
  • RFID
  • Database

Technical description :

  • Introduction of a pair of socks, stockings or tights on the measuring mat
  • Automatic product measurement to select the folding mode
  • Automatic folding of the product
  • Automatic drop off of the instruction leaflet 
  • Film wrapping + identification
  • Selection and forming of the box according to the product reference
  • Product introduction inside the box
  • Sealing of the box
  • Product label printing + rereading
  • Evacuation to the operator station

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