Adhesive tape placement / Adhesive tape placement, multiple heads

Adhesive application machine, multiple heads.

This machine was designed for automatic application of different types of adhesive materials on rigid or semi-rigid backings.

  • Fully electric and silent
  • Fully configurable, each head independently
  • Facilitated loading of consumables
  • Many options in the upstream and downstream of this equipment
  • Heads can be integrated on existing line



Standard machine formats : 150, 500 and  1000 mm of width

Number of heads : 1 to 4

Applied product's width : from 6 to 50 mm

Adhesive type : single sided, double sided, acrylic foam, hook and loop fastener, glue…

Minimum length of applied adhesive tape : 25 mm

Minimum distance between two stripes of adhesive : 25 mm

Precision of application : +/- 1 mm

Product unrolling speed :  45 m/min max



  • Automatic feeder at table entry
  • Fixed frame or table with wheels
  • Station development
  • Development of the output functions (control functions, folding, packaging…)


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